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Do you fancy sightseeing? - Here are some basic facts at a glance!

A sightseeing tour with our comfortable red coaches, which will take you safely through the metropolis, is the best way to discover the visitor attractions in Frankfurt. Take advantage of our hop-on hop-off tour to explore the city and learn many interesting and important things about the sights in Frankfurt. Sit back and enjoy your sightseeing tour!


History of Frankfurt

The history of Frankfurt goes back to the late 1st century when it was a Roman settlement and military base. The city owes its name to Charlemagne, king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, who called it “Furt der Franken” (ford of the Franks). Thanks to the extensive Exhibition and Trade Fair Centre, the excellent infrastructure and the airport, one of the biggest European airline hubs, as well as its reputation as the German financial capital, the metropolis is today one of the major economic centres and transport gateways in Europe.

Being home to the European Central Bank and the headquarters of numerous major future-oriented companies, Frankfurt is an important economic and financial hub on international level.  


Frankfurt - 10 facts about the financial capital

  • About one third of the German skyscrapers can be found in Frankfurt
  • 201 bank institutions have their headquarters in Frankfurt
  • More than 37,000 exhibitors present themselves annually at more than 30 trades fairs
  • More than 5 million tourists visit Frankfurt every year
  • The Frankfurt Central Station is frequented on weekdays by some 350,000 travellers
  • In 2016, as many as 60.8 million passengers used the Frankfurt Airport
  • Frankfurt is home to more than 42,500 companies
  • The metropolis on River Main is completely encircled by a 75 km long cycle trail, running in the green belt of Frankfurt
  • The Frankfurt Zoo is home to 450 different species and 4,500 animals
  • The famous and popular “Wasserhäuschen” kiosks in Frankfurt are also called “Jöst-Hüttchen” or “Jöst-Häuschen” in honour of their creator Adam Jöst 



Sightseeing tour through Frankfurt - Start at Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Below you find some information about our sightseeing tours and special offers.

Coach Tours Through the City of Frankfurt am Main

Our red double decker buses take you to all historic and contemporary attractions of Frankfurt so you can discover easily and comfortably the history and soak up the atmosphere of the city. Take advantage of our city coach tours in the footsteps of Goethe, along the exhibition pavilions and past the “Riverbank Museums”, including a detour to the animal park, to see all interesting sights of the city.

The famous Saint Paul’s Cathedral in the very centre of Frankfurt is one of the departure points of our sightseeing tours. There you can hop on a bus several times per hour for a tour of one hour through the entire city. Once validated, the ticket is valid 24 hours.

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